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Senior Fullstack Laravel and React Developer

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💼 Contract💰 Up to $86,000.00📍 United States⏰ Deadline 16th October 2020Apply for job

Job Description

Scalable Path is looking for a Senior Full Stack Laravel and React developer to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position.

The pay rate for this role is from $30 - $45 USD per hour, depending on experience and capability.

The company is a forerunner in healthcare job services including healthcare related job search, hiring statistics, and more. This is not a startup but a well-established company with decades of experience across the team.

Your primary responsibility will be building a new product in Laravel and React. This product will leverage an existing product's models, data structures and possibly a small number of services but the website and application logic will be new. ElasticSearch will be heavily utilized eventually in this project.

In addition to building the new product, you will also need to maintain the existing product which is in Laravel and Angular 1 with heavy use of ElasticSearch. The amount of work to be done here will be minor compared to the work ahead on the new product.

You will report directly to the team lead. The development team is currently 3 developers plus the team lead but we are looking to grow to a total of 7 in the near term. You will work closely with the Product Owner and VP Of Technology as well. There is an existing daily meeting at 11:00am America/Los Angeles (-07:00) PDT.

- Superb Laravel experience
- Strong React experience
- Strong CSS / SASS experience
- Strong MySQL experience with large data sets
- Strong work ethos; able to work self-guided and on a team
- Excellent written and spoken English skills
- Experience working remotely using Scrum
- Able to see the bigger picture when in the weeds on a singular task

- Experience with Elasticsearch or some other search engine
- Experience with AngularJS (Angular 1)
- Experience with React Native
- Experience with DevOps on AWS
- Experience with Docker

As soon as possible.


The daily meeting is subject to change as the team grows.


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