Senior Fullstack Javascript Engineer

😢 Unfortunately this job has now expired
💼 Permanent💰 Up to $144,000.00📍 United States⏰ Deadline 11th July 2020

Job Description

MyAccident is looking for a Senior Full Stack Javascript Engineer with a primary focus on the front end UX / UI to join our remote team. This opportunity is well suited for a developer who enjoys learning and working in large and complex codebases with many moving pieces. This is a great opportunity for anybody that wants to be on the ground floor or something with industry entrepreneur veterans.

This is a remote position. Previous experience working remote (at least 2 consecutive years) is required.


  • Be the lead on the front end experience developing best practices and standards using React, HTML5, CSS, and other tools. 
  • Help define new product requirements & specifications
  • Focus on a mobile-first design approach that can scale to the desktop experience. 
  • Cleanly and efficiently incorporate new functionality/features alongside closely related existing functionality
  • Writing frontend code to build new UI/UX, including Handlebars templating and CSS
  • Create, modify, extend Node.js backend APIs to power new functionality and features
  • Maintenance, Scalability, and Reliability
  • Collaborate with other remote developers, participate in peer-reviews, review pull requests from other developers on the team
  • Diagnose and resolve bugs within the existing codebase
  • Refactoring complex or problematic code as needed to improve long-term maintainability, scalability and extensibility of the codebase
  • Build upon our test suite with new unit and integration tests
    Analyze high-traffic / high-volume areas of the system to identify opportunities to improve scalability and optimize performance (analyzing & optimizing high-volume database queries, refactoring logic of critical systems to optimize CPU time and query load on datastores)


  • Experience with these specific technologies is a plus, but not strictly required.
  • Frontend: Javascript, React, Redux, Handlebars, Less, Underscore.
  • Backend: Javascript, Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose.js. 
  • Datastores: MongoDB (Mongoose.js ODM), Redis
  • Infrastructure:  Cloudflare, Google Cloud
  • DevOps / Misc:  Git/Github, Trello, Jest, etc.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • At least 2 consecutive years of remote work experience (mandatory)
  • 6+ years of experience building, deploying and maintaining large-scale complex software systems or applications
  • Experience building Single Page Applications with React or similar Javascript frameworks
  • Experience writing, maintaining and integrating REST APIs written in Node.js
  • Willingness to spend time learning and working with complex systems and legacy code
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Adaptable, analytical thinker who can work autonomously
  • Experience working in Agile environments
  • Willingness and ability to learn new technologies

Salary range: $90K-$144K/ year

This position is only open to applicants who reside in and are eligible to work in the US.



Oh no, it looks like this job has expired.

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