Senior FullStack Engineer

😢 Unfortunately this job has now expired
💼 Permanent💰 Up to $120,000.00📍 United States⏰ Deadline 28th November 2020

Job Description

We are hiring a world-class team of software engineers and creatives to architect, implement, and deploy a consumer-facing product that will empower uses to gather meaningfully in NOWHERE 3D worlds.

In these early stages, you must be comfortable with iterating quickly: working with the founding team , implement new 3D UX, and ultimately deploy your work in early product releases

Since we are a fully remote company, you thrive in a remote collaborative environment, can quickly integrate feedback into your own vision of the product, and work closely with designers and engineers to refine our overall vision together.

What you'll do

  • Work across a full technology stack: from the cloud infrastructure, database later, up through code running in browsers
  • Take full ownership of designing, implementing, running, and maintaining production code on core Nowhere features, end to end.
  • Quickly dive to implementation details throughout the whole stack to iterate with product, design, and 3D
  • Architect systems with an awareness of when to add to the stack or separate portions into micro-services, focusing not only on performance and scalability, but also on crafting a beautiful user experience.


  • Deep knowledge of web technologies and large-scale web application architecture
  • You are a generalist who cares deeply about the end user experience
  • Expertise in Javascript (ES6+), Node.JS, and modern frameworks like React
  • Experience with Docker, CI/CD
  • 5+ years of engineering experience
  • Always willing to learn what you do not know in order to create new technology for beautiful 3D experiences
  • You want to be part of the founding engineering team building technology that has a direct path to improving how we gather and connect at a human level.

Plus if you have experience...

  • With message passing/stream based logic frameworks such as Actor Models
  • With WebRTC and media systems
  • Building data analytics pipelines, working with real-time media, or the care and feeding of webpack and babel.


  • Health insurance with 75% premium covered
  • Generous PTO / sick leave
  • Equity


  • We are driven by a desire to advance human connection and believe in cultivating diversity as part of excellence, and seek teammates from all backgrounds
  • As a remote team, we use asynchronous tools and daily reports to stay in the loop
  • We value immediacy, integrity, inclusion, generosity, passionate collaboration, and are building NOWHERE to distribute wealth and power
  • See a few fun links below from the team you'd be joining...

How to Apply

Sounds like a fit for you? Please email [email protected]

  • Include this role's title in your subject line (it'll help us to sort through the emails
  • Tell us a bit about why you're interested and any relevant experience you have
  • Attach your resume, LinkedIn, project links, pointers to code, and Github.
  • Thank you for your interest!



Oh no, it looks like this job has expired.

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Nowhere aims to revolutionize gathering.

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