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ItsaCheckmate provides a software solution for the restaurant industry, integrating online ordering platforms such as GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash and over 70 different online ordering platforms globally directly to various POS systems of restaurants. We are currently integrated with over 40 different POS systems.

As you can imagine, we have built up quite a complicated system and hub for processing orders from over 70 different online ordering channels flowing into 40 different POS systems. Integration into POS systems is the most difficult problem in the industry, which we are tackling head on. We have built a good team and process internally to be able to tackle this problem, and are looking for engineers who welcome such challenges. Very often, we have to review the API documents and codes written by another partner and then integrate into them. This requires regular communication with the partners as well. With most of our partners, we have a Slack channel setup for regular communication.

Integrating two different absolutely independent systems is what we do, and that is the core value we provide to our customers. Engineering is only a part of the difficulty. The other part surfaces after the technical integration is done and the operations team takes over. We look towards our engineers to do the technical integration and documentation in a way that makes the operational tasks easier.

We have been a remote company since day one, so we understand and know how to work with remote employees. We have a very communicative and collaborative culture between engineers as well as non-engineers. I am non technical founder of this company, and have worked with engineers directly for over 7 years.

We are looking for experienced engineers who can work in a startup. Startup is not a job, it is a mindset. This company was built from scratch 3 years ago, and our CTO, who built this entire code, is still very much with us. New joinees should be able to understand that the code built is not perfect, but we process over 3 million transactions a month, so it works and works well. We are looking for engineers who can work with the current team members, build credibility by delivering good quality code and then also recommend changes in the system - slowly and gradually. We understand our code may not be perfect but we are a company that has just grown out of survival mode and are now looking towards medium term goals, not just short term objectives.

We also have various different tasks going on in the company, which includes new integrations, new product development, developing tools for our internal users. So based on interest and capabilities, the engineers can move between departments.

We require engineers to work during the US time zone (New York).



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