IoT Embedded Device Builder with Mobile and Full Stack Experience

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Job Description

This role allows working remotely 100% of the time from anywhere in the US.  Workers must be authorized to work in the US (No Non-US Applicants Please).

What We Do
The team at MapLarge builds cutting edge products for data analytics and visualization to make us safer, more productive, and more efficient.  The Map large API provides real-time geospatial analytics for over 15 billion location events per day and trillions of historical events. Analysts using our geospatial visualization capability can instantly visualize and publish for data discovery and model testing on any desktop, mobile, or tablet device.


Who We Need

  • Cultural Fit - While we hire all kinds of people and invent roles to fit them, there are three key traits we require of every team member that really defines our team.
  •  Fun to Work With - Life is short and work should be fun.  
  •  Extremely Smart - We work on cutting edge hard problems and we need people who can both architect and code these systems at the same time while working with a highly intelligent peer group.  
  • Passionate Engineers - We need people who really love programming and exhibit the energy and creativity that comes from being fully engaged in what you do.

Skills & Requirements

  • IoT / Mobile Device Builder with Full Stack Experience -  We built our own in-memory database and distributed data analytics pipeline from the ground up with funding from DARPA, and we also build distributed IoT sensors to feed data into our production systems for a wide variety of production applications.  We have a team of really talented researchers working on Pattern analysis, Streaming analytics, Spatial queries, and Network graph functions that power our visualization and predictive analytics engines and we need additional embedded IoT programmer/hardware designers to complement that team.  We are always looking for practical people who love designing highly optimized systems that straddle the line between research and software development. We don't usually publish scientific papers, but we are right out on the edge pulling algorithms out of the latest research papers finding really fast "good enough" approaches that let us build amazing IoT sensors and tease interesting patterns out of data without getting lost in "science experiment land".  We need high energy people who enjoy working quickly with a fast-paced team to build innovative systems.  We release new versions of amazing products at a rapid pace (usually every day) and solve hard problems for the largest enterprises in the world.  

Required Skills

  • Basic electronics/microcontroller experience (Arduino, breadboards, motors, etc)
  • PCB design experience (Altium, KiCad most desirable)
  • PCB assembly experience (soldering, surface mount components)
  • Advanced microcontroller experience (like ESP32, PIC, ARM, STM32, Nordic)
  • Mechanical assembly skills (putting electronics boxes together, cabling and wiring)
  • Familiarity with wireless communication protocols (BLE, WiFi, LoRa, any IoT wireless)
  • Experience with networking protocols (HTTP, MQTT, TCP/UDP - embedded use a plus)
  • Familiarity with common embedded Linux devices (Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson, Beaglebone)
  • Familiarity with GPS and GNSS receivers (embedded, airborne, RTK, survey, etc)
  • US Person based anywhere in the US (100% remote allowed but no offshore)
  • 5 Years of work experience as a programmer
  • Highly Comfortable with C# and Visual Studio
  • Experienced with Web Development & JavaScript

Optional / Nice to Have Skills: 

  • Experience with 3D CAD design, box/enclosure/chassis design (SolidWorks most desirable)
  • Experience with prototyping / small scale manufacturing highly desirable
  • Experience with 3D printing technologies (FDM, SLA, SLS)
  • Experience with injection molding design
  • Experience with large scale manufacturing useful
  • Experience with Artificial intelligence tools (PyTorch, TensorFlow - particularly embedded implementations)
  • Embedded Linux with custom kernel drivers (Yocto)
  • Experience with implementing signal processing on FPGA's (any FPGA, Xilinx Zync would be coolest)
  • Experience with drones and UAV's (including building custom drones)
  • Experience with Android / iPhone app development


Visualization, Mapping and Advanced Analytics at Scale

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