1 Hour studio

CTO IOS game developer - 1 hour per day

😢 Unfortunately this job has now expired
💼 Contract💰 Up to $50,000.00📍 Anywhere⏰ Deadline 17th September 2020

Job Description

We are creating a new mobile world.

A place where people can work from anywhere in the world making the difference in the mobile gaming industry.

We are creating a full team where everybody works 1-2 hours maximum on this project. Anyone is able to work on his own and able to manage his work team independently.

Our perfect candiadate:

  • You love videogames, especially mobile games
  • You can manage a team
  • You've got expertise in creating a whole game from scratch
  • You know Swift
  • You wanna make a difference

Looking forward to meeting a lot of people in love with videogames as much as we do.

Interview Process

We will make a Google meet call with the candidate, we will talk with him/her and we will try to understand in he/she love our project as much as we do and we might be a good fit.



Oh no, it looks like this job has expired.

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1 Hour studio
Hiring ManagerDaniele MogaveroWe are creating a new mobile gaming world

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