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Do you care equally about code quality and about creating a product user will love?At Niphtio, we're looking for mid- and senior-level software developers to join us in building the next-generation of content aggregation, curation, and discovery tools. We're especially looking for folks to contribute to our backend systems.

  • We are an early-stage, self-funded start-up, founded by one of the creators of Google Reader, and we are a 100% distributed team. (USA and Canada only — we are not able to sponsor or transfer visas for this position.)
  • You will be one of our first hires and will be working closely with our founder/CEO. You'll have plenty of autonomy and real opportunities to grow and build your skills here.

Technologies we're currently using include:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Kotlin
  • GraphQL
  • AWS SQS and S3

That said, we care more about your ability to learn new things and your passion for excellence in our craft than preexisting knowledge in any specific technology.

Bonus skills:

  • API design
  • Database schema design
  • Building distributed systems

As part of this job you'll wear many different hats, including developing for the back end, front end, mobile, and operations. You will have a direct influence on

  • Setting the direction of our products as well as shaping our company culture from the ground up


Building the next-generation of content discovery, aggregation and curation tools.

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