Retrica, Inc.

Android Developer

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💼 Permanent💰 Up to $60,000.00📍 United States⏰ Deadline 7th October 2020Apply for job

Job Description

Retrica is the global leading mobile selfie camera application selected by 500 million people worldwide.

Our team has grown to become the best selfie camera app in the midst of the 2014 global selfie trend, and has received investments from Bessemer Venture Partners, Goodwater Capital and Altos Ventures.

We're looking for someone to create a community of cameras, photos and videos for the next generation with us!

Hiring Process

1) The programmer screening test (no time limit, 15 multiple-choice questions)
2) The logical reasoning test (60-minute limit, 14 multiple-choice questions)
3) Technical interview (60 minutes long, video-conference)
4) Two peer-interviews (30 minutes for each, video-conference)

General Requirements

  • Must pass the programmer screening test (13/15 is the threshold)
  • Must pass the logical reasoning test (11/14 is the threshold)
  • Verbal / written communication skill with non-native English speakers


  • Knowledge of Android development with Java or Kotlin
    can work with View Binding
  • Gradle experience

Nice to have

  • 2 years or more experience with Android development with Java
  • 1 year or more experience with Android development with Kotlin
  • Jetpack-compose experience
  • Viewmodel experience
  • GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) experience


We believe human-centered tech can change the world. Like Retrica, we create products that can experience new fun and joy in everyday life.

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